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All About TrippersMx


Locals Enthusiastic, self-taught, experts in the community we visit but above all conscious. In 2017 we started with a gastronomical  experiences in the locals markets of the CDMX. During 2018 we get a stall in the San Juan Gourmet market and began tasting mezcals, craft beer, Mexican wines and cheeses. 


We love to connect foodie and adventure-seeking travelers with experiences designed and hosted by local experts.


Book now and explore our Hand Picked Experiences created just for you.


Ho Ceron

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Foodie, amateur chef, entrepreneur, acroyogi, dog lover & engineer.

Strengths: Planning, Solve Problems


Aremy Rergis

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I consider myself a Chilanga with Tehuana heritage. My mother is from Oaxaca and she taught me the love for our traditions and the culture of our country.

Strengths: Urban Cycling, Storytelling


Geo Castillo

City born city raised I love being outdoors and exploring new places love boxing and cycling couldn’t live without both and a great taco here and there.

Strengths: Urban Cycling, Boxing Barrio

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