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Mexican Taco Dinner

Not another fancy list

We want to share with you a little of our favorite places to eat and drink also a spotify playlist with our music.

Tacos & More

El Vilsito are my favorite tacos in the city! The pastor is amazing.  (Aremy)

Xaachila has very good tlayudas, prepared just like in the Oaxaca Valley region. Ask for them with "quesillo"

For tacos de pastor or suadero I go to El Fogon Mixe. But if I already drank a lot and I want to go down, I would go to Tacos el Güero to eat some gringas de pastor.  Tacos Moran for tripe, tongue and brains tacos  :)   (Ho)

La polar to cure deadly hangover, :) Birria and cold beer.

Fish tacos, there is only one option, the El Pescadito chain. 


Coox Hanal is the best Yucatecan food in Mexico City. Try the Sopa de lima (lime soup) and Chamorro pibil (slow baked pork knuckle, marinated in a traditional mix of chili peppers and spices). Be careful with the sauces!!!

Los Girasoles is a fancy place that I love. Very traditional ingredients and recipes, with a nice view of some of the most beautiful buildings in the historic center. Tequila shots are served with the sangrita in a glass made with a cucumber or a jicama. Try them!

Pozole & Garnachas mexicanas, you can only go to La casa de Toño.

I like Japanese food and there are two places I love to go. Kura and MO+F

Los Sinaloenses has the best fish ceviche accompanied with a Vicky Sinaloense.  If you love tuna or shrimps ask for la matona or ocurrencia at Cevicheve.  Tons of paella and seafood for a reasonable price El Rey de los mariscos is the best option. 


One of the best views of the Zócalo. I love coming here to have a beer or a mezcal after a good walk downtown. La Casa de las Sirenas. The best place for Mezcales is Bósforo. 

If you want to try craft beers, Drunkendog is the best tap room in town. Breweries Fauna, Insurgentes and Wendland are the best in Mexico.  But if you want to try the mythical gomichelas, 152.

When I have a craving for pulque I go to Las Duelistas or La burra Blanca.

Tripper's Music

This is what we hear when we're not giving tours

Authentic cumbia from the barrio

Colorful Masks
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